We are very excited to be the first Brighton restaurant to support the National Lobster Hatchery (NLH) charity. We are involved in the ‘Buy one, set one free’ scheme. This is where we ask you, our customers to donate £1.75, we will then match this. To release a baby lobster, it only costs £3.50 per lobster. 

The National Lobster Hatchery is a pioneering marine conservation, research and education charity that aims to help conserve native lobster populations, preserve marine biodiversity and ultimately help protect the long term future of our vulnerable marine resources and all who depend upon them. 

This is done via their education and research outputs, coupled with a unique and innovative lobster stock enhancement programme; this involves raising baby lobsters at the hatchery until they reach a life stage at which they are better able to survive in the wild. At this point they release them back into our waters with the help of local fishermen and dive schools, helping to replenish natural stocks. This innovative hatchery techniques help improve juvenile lobster survival rate by around 1,000 times, compared to those born naturally in the wild.

Clare Stanley, Business Development Officer for The NLH says:

 “We are extremely grateful to those members of the seafood industry that are helping to support the NLH charity’s work through ‘Buy one, set one free (BOSOF). Seafood suppliers, restaurateurs and their customers all have a pivotal role to play in helping to ensure a more sustainable future for our vulnerable marine resources and the many livelihoods they support.  The BOSOF scheme enables those in the seafood industry to literally help ‘put back and do their bit to towards protect a resource that is vital to both our environment and economy. BOSOF provides a unique ‘feel good’ customer experience and enables the restaurateur/supplier to communicate their responsible and forward thinking ethics in a very engaging way. In supporting the marine conservation, research and conservation work of the NLH, our BOSOF supporters are setting a fantastic example to all other seafood suppliers out there.


“We are incredibly grateful for the support of our ‘Buy one, set one free’ members. The charity’s work is incredibly important to our coastal communities; however it relies heavily on the support of forward thinking organisations and individuals that understand the need for a more sustainable approach to managing our vulnerable marine resources. We cannot thank all the staff and customers of our supporting businesses enough for their support through the ‘Buy one, set one free’ scheme’. It’s a great way for all levels of the seafood chain to help ‘put back’ and contribute to the charity’s work to help safeguard our seafood industry for our future generations”


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